Take good care of your LaDuca shoes and they’ll last for years!

Women’s High Heeled and Men’s Jazz Soft Soled Shoes

  • To help insure that you get the longest lasting wear from your new shoes, we advise that you always untie and/or unbuckle the shoe before putting on or removing them. This will give the elastic and back heel a longer life.

  • We recommend wearing nylons or socks with shoes. Perspiration can distort the leather. If you choose to not do so, wipe out the inside of the shoes after wear, the salt from your skin will break down the leather and elastics and they will have a shortened lifespan.

  • If using shoes for ballroom or on Marley flooring, they have the appropriate suede soles. However, if you are using shoes for jazz or musical theatre, you may wish to rubber the sole.

Taps/Rubber on Women’s and Men’s Hard Soled Shoes

  • Taps should be applied just beyond the toe of the sole. This will protect the leather toe area when doing toe taps or clicks.

  • Make sure the half-rubber is thick enough to lay flush with tap so that the tap and rubber are even to prevent the shoe from sagging in the middle.

  • There should be a small space between the toe tap and the half rubber.  This will clear the sound of the tap.


Anyone who purchases LaDuca Shoes acknowledges that injuries may occur while wearing any footwear; therefore, the purchaser assumes all responsibility and risks including, but not limited to, bodily injury which may occur as a result of wearing LaDuca Shoes regardless of reason. Buyers/Consumers waive any and all claims against LaDuca Shoes and agree to not hold liable LaDuca Shoes, its successors, assignees, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, executors, administrators, and their heirs should an injury be sustained out of negligence or breach of contract, and whether it results in bodily injury, property damage, or loss otherwise.

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